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A trip up to Northern Israel to help its residents and soldiers

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Arik Sharon

"Hey Arik get up Olmert is in a Coma"

I spent Shabbos in Tzvas with the Hecht family while Micha and Aishy returned to Jerusalem.
On Shabbos morning Rabbi Hecht and I decided to walk to the old city and daven in the Tzemach Tzedek Shule, which is in the midst of a remodel and face lift. This is quite a walk on a hot and muggy Shabbos down a mountain road.
As it turns out there was a big fargrengen after davening was over in honor of Shabbos mevorchim. There was plenty of mashka, lively niggunim, and stories of war and emunah.
The Tzemach Tzedek remained open and did not miss one minyon during the entire duration of the milchama.
One of those who farbrang was a Reb Mordichai who told a most amazing story. Mordichai is a chaplain on the Lebonon front for about 1500 men so he could not abandon Tzfas at this time.
Last Shabbos afternoon Mordichai was sitting on his meer-pesette (balcony) learning from a Gemorah when he suddenly felt something very hot on his face. He realized almost immediately that the source of the heat was a Ketusha whizzing past him very fast and only 10 feet away from his face. The rocket landed about another 12 feet away from him and the impact was so powerful that it literally knocked him back a full 15 feet into the wall behind him.
He said he was dazed and "terrified" and simultaneously in shock. He knew he was in shock because the first thing he did was replace the chair to its original spot, retrieve the Gemorah, and return to his seat to continue learning.
As he was relating this story to the gathering of Chassidim he suddenly began to tremble. Then he said that this was even more amazing and he began to relate an encounter that he had with the Lubavitcher Rebbe more than 40 years ago.
Mordichai told us that when he was very young he went with his father to the Rebbe. During that meeting the Rebbe told him that one day he will understand, whilst relating a story, that there is One G-d and two worlds and you will be "terrified." This he said was the story and he very definitely was "terrified."
The war is by no means over and the word here is that the commando units are as busy as ever. Because of all of the continued action we have not been able to meet with the boys as a group. They are still on high alert and have not been given any passes or time off.
Everything that we brought and distributed was very much appreciated, however, the need is greater than our first expectation or effort and I am appealing to you to please encourage your friends to give either clothing, toys, or money for food.
The soup kitchen served 2500 hot meals a day during the war and many people remain in very difficult situations having not worked for 6 weeks and many of their businesses had to close altogether.
The children who had to remain behind are traumatized and they need a respite. We are helping to defray the expenses in the summer camps as they come to a close but many of the children did not get away in time and need to now.
After the farbrengen we faced the challenge of the steep climb before us inspired and inebriated. We made it up that hill in that condition now I know we will be successful in everyway if we will climb the next challenge together.


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