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A trip up to Northern Israel to help its residents and soldiers

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day One

We began the day after a long flight and a short night a little later than planned yet it was not without eventfulness.
The real problem with the bus schedule is that for the past two weeks no one has gone back and forth to Tzfas and now suddenly everyone is trying to return. The problems are not only logistical. The people whom we met on the bus were returning to an unknown. They, for the most part did not know what if any damage their homes sustained. It is possible to see the stress etched on their faces and in their interactions with each other. The children especially are confused and a perceptible sadness in their posture and expression is easily detected. B"H the bus schedule will return to every half hour regular service tomorrow.
As we entered the city of Tzfas the lady sitting across the isle began pointing out the various stores, shops, and restaurants that sustained damage from some of the 3500 rockets and missiles launched against this, the second most holy city in Israel.
We witnessed also some of the homes that were hit and it is truly devastating to view.
It is now 1:30 in the morning and we want to arise early in order to complete our schedule for tomorrow before Shabbos. Micha and Aishy who have been absolutely indispensable on this trip are going to spend Shabbos in Jerusalem and I will remain hear for Shabbos Mevorchim. I look forward to davening here, using the Ari's Mikvah, and farbrenging with the chevra here. We will reconnect Motzei Shabbos as we have a meeting with some of the army boys from the Golani. Kol Tuv


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