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A trip up to Northern Israel to help its residents and soldiers

Monday, August 21, 2006

Return to the North

Today we spent the day performing the mitzvah bikur cholim at the Rambam Hospital. While we were in the hospital we were told that the Prime Minister Olmert was also visiting soldiers and from the looks of the police and military presence it was most certainly true.
We met a young man named Yechiel ben Zohara (please remember him in your Tehilim) who is quite a remarkable young man. He is 36 years old and the proud father of a little girl who will be one year old next week. He started a community in the Golan by living and working there for an entire year alone and now he has almost 50 families who have built and moved in to new housing.
Yechiel is one of 11 children and he was so appreciative of our visit that he insisted that we sit down and spend some time with him and his best friend. He was shot 10 days ago in the back and the bullet traveled internally and exited below his rib cage on the right side.
We thanked him for all he did for the Jewish People and for being a real hero. He was so modest that he insisted that we were the heros for coming to Israel to visit him.
Well actually there is such a person.
We took the bus to Haifa and on the bus was a young man whom we ran into in Yechiel's room. His name is Malkiel Lerner and he is called "Brother of the Wounded." Malkiel works a full time job in Jerusalem cleaning the streets and as soon as he gets off work he takes the bus to Haifa and the Rambam Hospital to visit the wounded soldiers. Mr. Lerner does this every day except Shabbos and often goes twice a day once before work and then again after.
When we got up to leave Yechiel began to cry from the raw emotion of our encounter. I must admit it was quite a powerful and very special encounter.


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